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  • Visit to SS Nomadic


    Under the leadership of Commander Stephen Gilbert a party of 18 Rotarians set out for a tour of the SsS Nomadic at the Titanic Quarter. To prepare the group for this food and sustenance was obtained at Dunmurry Golf Club before departing.

    The SS Nomadic was  built in Harland and Wolf as a tender ship for the Titanic. she sailed to Cherbourg where the Titanic was unable to dock. There she loaded all the passengers for that fateful voyage.The Nomadic held some 1000 passengers, mostly first and second class and was fitted out in a style to satisfy this class of passenger.

    After the Titanic she served for many years as a tender Ship for other large passenger liners such as the Titanic’s sister ship the Olympic. During the First World war she worked as a mine sweeper and in the Second World War was involved in the evacuation of Troops from Dunkirk and also later as troop carrier.

    After the war she remained in Cherbourg acting as a Tug and later as a restaurant and Night club, before falling into great disrepair. She was eventual bought and returned to Belfast for restoration.

    The tour was most interesting and informative.

    Visit the Gallery to view photos of the visit