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  • Evening Meeting 5th March

    Rev Peter O reilly and Rev Kenn Hall - Copy

    Rev. Peter O ‘ Reilly, Rev. Ken Hall and Pres. Sam

    Rev. Peter O'Reilly his sister Siobhan and PP Liam

    Rev. Peter O’Reilly his sister Siobhan and PP Liam

    TheThursday evening meeting was well attended with several guests joining the members. The speakers for the evening were Reverend Peter O’Reilly of St Michael’s Roman Catholic Church Enniskillen and Rev erend Ken Hall of St McCartins Church of Ireland Enniskillen.

    They gave us a very interesting insight into how they had built up their relationship over the years and brought along their flock to all be supportive of the visit of Her Majesty the Queen to Enniskillen. It was avery interesting talk on advancing community relations in difficult circumstances many years after the Enniskillen Remembrance Sunday bombing.

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