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  • Rotary Club of Lisburn Supporting Lisburn Sea Cadets

    Lisburn Sea Cadets which had been in existence for many years had been suffering organisational difficulties. At a presentation to the Club it was explained that if it was not possible to have help on the organisational side the group would fold.

    PP David Browne agreed to help and met up with the Commanding Officer and discussed their needs.

    As a result he agreed to Chair the Management Committee and PP Sandra McCabe also agreed to sit on the Committee

    The Unit has now been put on a sound footing and is in the process of purchasing a new boat. The Rotary Club of Lisburn will help with the funding of the new boat which is essential for their training.

    PP David Browne highlighted the actions of one of the Sea Cadets in a recent nomination by a member of the public who witnessed an incident in Belfast and notified the principal f RBAI.



    One of the cadets, OC Moffett has been awarded a ‘Principal’s Award’ for good citizenship! OC Moffett was in Belfast when he came across a member of the public who was unconscious so OC Moffett swung into action and performed first aid which he learned through the Sea Cadet Corps for the individual! OC Moffett said, “I feel delighted with myself that I have been recognised for something good that I have done”. He also said, “It fills me with pride to know that I can learn something in Sea Cadets that is useful in real life situations”!

  • The Rotary Club of Lisburn supporting SOS Bus

    SOS bus

    President Sam and Leonard Pollock visit SOS bus centre

    SOS Bus NI is a volunteer centred charity that is making a real difference to children, young people and adults on the streets of Belfast during the night time economy period. It offers a unique mobile service that can be located wherever it is needed. Trained volunteers and medical staff operate from specially designed and equipped vehicles deploying satellite foot and mobile patrols to extended areas of need. This ensures that professional caring services are delivered to the vulnerable in times of crisis when required.
    SOS Bus NI believes in partnerships and works with other voluntary organisations, the emergency services and statutory bodies to create a safer place for everyone. It is committed to growing and delivering this help wherever it is needed.


    A number of Rotarians mainly from the Belfast Club volunteer to man the bus.

    Recently an appeal to bridge a funding gap was made and The Rotary Club of Lisburn made a donation which along with support from many others enabled this service to continue to carry out  its vital work