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  • Trevor Guy Memorial Bursary

    Past President of The Rotary Club of Lisburn,Trevor Guy set up the Trust in 2003 and since then awards of £1000 have been distributed annually to successful applicants.At 31st March 2016 the holding in the fund was valued at £24671.94 and in the last financial yeart a return of 4.5% producing income of £1148.

    President Gary ,PP Stephen and Bursary Winners 2016

    President Gary ,PP Stephen and Bursary Winners 2016

    This year 2016 after a round of interviews the two young people selected for  the awards attended a club meeting on Thursday 5th May to receive their cheques.

    Kathryn Cowan aged 18 years is going to Thailand for 12 months to help in  local school children to learn and improve their English language skills.

    David Allen who is 26 years of age is travelling to Ecuador on an 18 month project to use his civil engineering skill, by  helping to improve fresh water supplies to remote villages


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